The Buzz on Raw Honey

The Buzz on Raw Honey

The Buzz on Raw Honey

Have you ever had an itchy, sore throat or a nagging cough that just won’t quit? As you reach for that bottle of cough syrup past the honey, have you thought that maybe the best cold elixir could be sitting in the same cupboard? Before you dispel honey as just being an alternative sweetener, let us enlighten you to the many benefits that raw honey holds for your body at Advanced Chiropractic.

In the grocery store

There are two types of honey that you can purchase-raw and pasteurized. Raw honey is un-pasteurized and regular honey (the plastic bear shaped bottles of Sue Bee Honey) is heat pasteurized. Besides being a great alternative to white sugar and other forms of refined sugar, researchers have proven the many health benefits of ingesting raw, un-pasteurized honey.
Raw honey can be used to treat a sore throat, fight fatigue, aid in digestion, and be a cough elixir. Want to know why? Research has shown that raw honey contains enzymes, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, and propolis. All of these nutritional benefits are found naturally in honey, but are usually killed off in the pasteurization process.

Honey contains pollen

However, when it is pasteurized, the pollen count is decreased. Pollen is gathered by the bees from different plants and flowers. The pollen contains fructose and the nutritional benefits that help your body heal.
Here’s what to look for the next time that you are perusing the grocery aisles. Look for honey that is darker in color and contains some crystals. The crystals also indicate the pollen content.

Listed below are some remedies found in raw honey:

Cough mixture: Combine 6 oz of honey, warm water and the juice of two lemons. Use as necessary.
Poor digestion: Mix honey with equal amount of apple cider vinegar and dilute with water to taste.
Sore throat: Let a teaspoon of honey melt down the back of your throat. This reduces the inflammation.
Migraine: Dissolve a spoonful of honey in warm water. Sip it at the first signs of a migraine. Repeat after 20 minutes as needed.


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