Innate Intelligence

Innate Intelligence

Innate Intelligence

What is it?

It has been coined the ‘Wisdom of the Body” by some, “Nature” by others, and “The Force” by George Lucas, producer of Star Wars. Chiropractors refer to this “thing” as Innate Intelligence. It refers to your body’s own organization ability and its ability to self-heal, self-regulate and self-adapt.

There is a force we have inside us that guides our growth

Our development, and our life. Examples of this force are ever present and are in our everyday environment. My very favorite is the bumblebee. According to scientists and computer experts, the bumblebee can’t fly. Because of its weight, the ratio of its wings to its weight, the dihedral angle of wind assault, the speed of wing movements and other physical variables, it is mathematically impossible for a bumblebee to fly. However, bumblebees do not know this and fly anyway, defying all laws of science known to man.

Did you know

For example, that every second of your life billions of cells in your body are breaking down foods, they are dying, and they are being reborn? Nerves are shooting information all over your very being and your lunch is being turned into muscle cells, heart cells, and skin cells. Damaged tissues are repaired and replaced, germs and cancer cells killed every minute, and the production of your cells and all chemical processes – approximately 150,000 - are being monitored every second. And all this amazing and wondrous activity takes place while you are sleeping, reading, or driving your car. Amazing, is it not?
That is the wisdom of your body — Innate Intelligence.
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