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As a parent

You’ve done everything possible to ensure your baby’s healthy entrance into the world. You ate right, lived a healthy lifestyle, went to all your doctor appointments, and took childbirth classes. You probably used no-VOC paint when you got the nursery ready.

Pediatric chiropractic is another way to promote your child’s well being.

Believe it or not, the birth process and “growing up” can be traumatic to babies and children. At Advanced Chiropractic, we correct misalignment's and remove negative effects on the nervous system so your children can grow to be happy, healthy, and their very best.

Chiropractic for newborns and infants

On the day your child is born, their little bodies undergo a lot of stress. The birth process can be especially hard on the upper spine and neck, sometimes causing misalignments that can lead to breathing problems, developmental delay, nursing difficulties, colic, sleep disturbances and ear infections. For these reasons, we recommend your baby gets checked after birth.

In addition, as your baby starts to grow (hold up their head, sit, crawl, and walk), changes in spinal alignment will occur. We’ll be there to detect any adverse changes and keep your baby growing strong.

Chiropractic for children

Did you know that the average five year old has fallen about 2,000 times?
Regular chiropractic care throughout childhood can detect the adverse effects from these traumas and correct them before they turn into bigger problems. Healthy spinal motion and alignment is crucial to your child’s well-being and development. When you work with Advanced Chiropractic, we’re able to keep your child on a positive path toward wellness and help them avoid health problems as adults.

Come and see us!

We believe regular chiropractic care is an excellent way to ensure your child’s health and help them thrive because we make sure their nerve system functions at its best. Chiropractic gives your child an advantage in life.

We invite you to take advantage of our complimentary consultation to learn how your child can benefit from chiropractic in Maplewood.


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