ADD, ADHD, and Chiropractic

ADD, ADHD, and Chiropractic

ADD, ADHD, and Chiropractic

If your child is having trouble in school, difficulty learning, or displaying the curious, rambunctious energy common to most children, they might be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) by teachers, school psychologists, or medical professionals.
Unfortunately, most children display the common symptoms of ADD and ADHD at some point or another, making it hard to determine whether the extra energy and impulsivity is just a stage or a real concern. Once a child is diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, the common protocol is to prescribe medication to control the symptoms of hyperactivity or distractedness.
In recent years, there's been a drastic uptick in the amount of psychotropic medication prescribed to treat the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Since 1991, prescriptions for Ritalin have increased five-fold, while in the last nine years alone, the production of Adderall and Dexedrine has risen 2000%. What's most interesting is that according to the United Nations, the US produces and consumes 85% of the world's production of Ritalin. (Dr. Christopher
It's important to note that even psychiatrists don't agree as to whether ADD or ADHD are truly brain diseases, making psychotropic medication a controversial treatment regimen.

Psychiatrist Peter Breggin notes:

Hyperactivity is the most frequent justification for drugging children. The difficult-to-control male child is certainly not a new phenomenon, but attempts to give him a medical diagnosis are the product of modern psychology and psychiatry. At first psychiatrists called hyperactivity a brain disease. When no brain disease could be found, they changed it to 'minimal brain disease' (MBD). When no minimal brain disease could be found the profession transformed the concept into 'minimal brain dysfunction.' When no minimal brain dysfunction could be demonstrated, the label became attention deficit disorder. Now it's just assumed to be a real disease, regardless of the failure to prove it so. Biochemical imbalance is the code word, but there's no more evidence for that than there is for actual brain disease.

Chiropractic: A Drug-Free Way to Help Your Kids

If your child has been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, there are alternatives to prescription medication.
Chiropractic, for example.
While the body of research is growing, Chiropractic is showing promise for children with hyperactivity. In many small studies, school age children diagnosed with ADD or ADHD received Chiropractic adjustments to address their respective subluxations. Approximately 71.4% showed a reduction in overt behavior activity, while 57% showed improvement based on parental ratings of hyperactivity. (Dr. Christopher Kent) Lifestyle Adjustments
In addition to beginning and maintaining a Chiropractic regimen, there are some dietary and lifestyle adjustments that may help control the symptoms of ADD or ADHD. We encourage you to try the following:
Remove as many food dyes, preservatives, additives from the diet as possible. Remove as much sugar as possible. Determine if there's a gluten or dairy allergy, try elimination diets if you suspect there is. Stop using pesticides in the home.
If your child is hyperactive, there's help and hope. Please give us a call to discuss your specific situation. Chiropractic and a wellness plan can help your child develop their full potential and live their best life possible.

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